The Daily Update 4.5.11

With the 2011 Hall of Fame class becoming official, a lot of fans have reason to be excited. But I find myself, even as Warrior fan, just disappointed. Chris Mullin was a very good player in his time, and a great scorer for Golden State for a number of years, but I think everyone knows his numbers are a bit inflated due to the run-n-gun system he played in for most of his career.

Now, I don’t mean to diminish the accomplishments of this class. I’m a huge fan of Rodman and I’m of the opinion that Artis Gilmore may be one of the more underrated players the NBA (or the ABA) as ever seen. But someone needs to explain to me how it is that Reggie Miller did not make the Hall of Fame, but Chris Mullin did. Let’s break down the argument against him:

-He never won a championship. Well, neither did Chris Mullin. Neither has Karl Malone, John Stockton, or a number of other HOFers.

-He only averaged 18.2 points per game for his career. Well, Mullin also averaged 18.2 without taking into account the pace at which his Warriors played.

-He wasn’t good enough on defense. Well, I remember that even Mullins’ best Warriors team was in the bottom 10 in the league on defense. Mullin was just as much a part of that as the next guy.

-He didn’t get enough rebounds. He’s a shooting guard. Big deal.

-He didn’t get enough assists. Again, he’s a shooting guard. Most shooting guards don’t average a lot of assists. Ray Allen averages just 0.5 more for his career. Over the past 3 seasons (an indication of what he’ll do in his remaining seasons), he’s averaged below 3 a game. And he’s a sure-fire first ballot HOF according to most.

Now here’s the argument for Reggie:

-He’s arguably the greatest clutch shooter in the history of the game.

-His playoff scoring averages are better than his regular season averages.

-He is an extremely well known ambassador to the game. He was one of the most liked/disliked players of all time.

-He is second on the all-time 3-point shot list, having just recently been passed by Ray Allen.

-Reggie has scored the most playoff points of any player not in the HOF.

-He was the best player on 5 Pacers teams that made deep playoff runs, including the Pacers team that made the Finals in 1999-200.

-Even if you like advanced stats, Reggie holds up extremely well. He has a career and playoff true shooting percentage of over .600

-Maybe the most convincing argument of all: He ranks up there with Kobe, Jordan, and Bird as one of the best players to trust with the last shot of the game. That’s one of the main things a player needs to have to be considered great. To be able to be counted on when it matters most.

So can you tell me why Reggie didn’t make it to the HOF this year? Because I still don’t know.

Scores from yesterday:

No games

Game of the Night:

Oklahoma City @ Denver – A match-up that features the Wests’ 4 and 5 seeds, as well as two of the hotter, younger teams in the NBA. With a win tonight, the Thunder can go up 4 games with 5 to play on the Nuggets and all but clinch home court advantage in the first round of the playoffs. Denver is coming off a big win in Los Angeles against the Lakers, but the Thunder have lost their last 2 after winning 14 of their last 16. Expect an up-and down game with the winner being decided late in the 4th quarter. Prediction: Thunder by 4.


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